Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey ladies!

WAYD is back with more preloved goodies! In addition to thaaat we'll be having a huge price slash on most of our items. Just to make it easier for you guys, below are ze sale items. ENJOY!
ps: all prices stated are including postage ;)

1) Zebra Printed Forever 21 Flats -size 4 (RM20) SOLD
2) Cotton Polka Top (RM 15)
3) Miss Sixteen Collared T-shirt (RM 15)
4) Oversized IHEARTSYDNEY (RM 20)
5)Sienna Floral Top (RM 20) SOLD
6) Floral Harem Pants (RM 30)
7) Padini Knitted Cardigan (RM 20)
8)Red Stripes Longtop (RM 15)

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